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Bioware’s New Game Is The Online-Action Title Shadow Realms

After many cryptic teasers were sent out to Bioware fans last month, many fans were eagerly anticipating this week to find out more about Bioware’s newest IP. Their promise of more information at Gamescom was certainly correct, as Bioware has officially announced their newest game, Shadow Realms.

However, the game might not be exactly what you were expecting from the Mass Effect vets’. 

Shadow Realms is an Online-Action title, with a heavy emphasis on four player co-operative play. Four heroes can team up to take on an infamous Shadow-Lord, who can also be player-controlled. This leads to 4v1 adventures that can be uniquely shaped whether you make good or evil decisions.

Shadow Realms is a new BioWare RPG that has the hallmarks of all BioWare games with a rich story, a unique world setting and deep combat progression, but built as an interactive experience that evolves the genre and broadens the appeal to online gamers all over the world.”

As stated above, Bioware plans to bring their trade-marked choice and consequence system to Shadow Realms, and says that the game will be very story-driven. In fact, the game may be so story driven, that it may be released episodically like a Telltale game? 

In the official press release for the title, it is said: “The over-arching narrative will be released episodically, playing out over time like a great TV series, providing players the ability to experience story-driven adventures as a community.” Until we get more information, we can only assume to take this very literally and say that the game will be released mission by mission, in episodic fashion. 

You can visit the official Shadow Realms website to sign up for a chance to get in on the closed Alpha. Shadow Realms is set to release in 2015 for the PC.  For more information on the latest Gamescom announcements, keep it here at Leviathyn.