Until Dawn Officially Re-Revealed

It seems all the speculation and rumors on the teaser videos released by Sony were true – Until Dawn has been re-revealed as a PlayStation 4 survival-horror exclusive.

Word came from Sony’s Gamescom presser, where it was revealed that the former PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Move teen horror game has been shifted to Sony’s newest system; hence Until Dawn’s two-year absence from the spotlight.

The game is being developed by UK studio Supermassive Games, a developer that has mostly worked on PlayStation Move titles such as Walking With Dinosaurs, Start the Party, and Tumble. The studio has a few core games under its belt as well, like Killzone HD, and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. 

The full trailer for the game confirms that Until Dawn has retained its narrative focus on teens being chase by a mad serial killer while being trapped in a cabin. Though we’re still not quite sure if the game will feature any Move controls that are enabled on the DualShock 4.