Waluigi Ocarina of Time

Save Hyrule With Waluigi of Time

Who can save Hyrule? Well, it’s not Link this time around.

We can owe our gratitude to the people at Dorkly who have found a ROM hack that allows you to play as Luigi’s lankier, purple-clad nemesis from a genuinely talented modded.

The mod comes to us courtesy of TouTube user and modded russmarrs2 claims credit for the creation, dubbed “The Legend of Zelda: Waluigi of Time.”

“Too bad, Waluigi Time!!!,” he says. “Waluigi knew it was time to be the hero, so he became the Hero of Time! (Fitting for his catchphrase)”

Even young Link is replaced by a shrunk-down Waluigi model. Is nothing sacred?


Source: russmarrs2 via Dorkly