13-Year-Old MMORPG RuneScape To Get Its First Expansion

Runescape has come a long way since its release as a browser-based MMORPG back in 2001, and that statement is even more true today as developer Jagex has announced the game is getting its first ever expansion.

Titled Lost City Of The Elves, the Runescape expansion will be released in three parts. The first part is available right now, with the second and third parts arriving in September and October respectively.

The first part of the expansion is titled Plagues End, and brings a brand new city named Prifddinas to the game. Prifddinas will be the new largest city in Runescape, and its arrival to the world brings new quests to explore.

Specifically, the newest expansion contains (Per Gamespot)

  • Largest quest (Plague’s End) and largest city in RuneScape (the elf city of Prifddinas)
  • Dozens of new skill training methods, new weapons, and armors
  • New mini-games, including a combat horde mode
  • A max guild social hub for ‘Completionist’ players
  • Hundreds of hours of new gameplay

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