Sword Art Online II Episode 5 Review: She’s The Man

At the very least, I certainly can’t say that Sword Art Online II is slow in the pacing. Five episodes in and the tournament known as Bullet of Bullets has already begun. Sinon learned the truth about Kirito much sooner than I had anticipated, Kirito wins his first match in the Bullet of Bullets, and Kirito has a sudden encounter with Death Gun. A lot happens very quickly in this episode, and it certainly makes up for the more dialogue heavy first couple of episodes.

The first thing that bothers me is the fact that GGO and the company that runs it ask for a lot of personal information from contestants in the Bullet of Bullets. Why do they need things like a phone number and an address? Apparently without those things players can’t get “top prizes” but it also seems like that kind of information could get leaked and be misused. Honestly, all of GGO seems to be rather shady at times.


As I mentioned earlier, Sinon discovers that Kirito is actually a male. The scenario is rather amusing, but at least Kirito was honest about it. Although he probably should have told her the truth before they were in a dressing room together while Sinon was just in her virtual under garments. As soon as she discovered that Kirito was male she seemed to instantly hate him, so that will be interesting to see if she warms up to him later. If Kirito had explained that he looked like that because of a bug then maybe he wouldn’t have been in as much trouble with Sinon, but I doubt it would have helped much.

As anyone who has ever played a game can tell you, it is not always easy to get the hang of a game when you play it the first time. Yet somehow, Kirito doesn’t seem to have that problem. He can just jump into an intense game like GGO and take out his assault rifle wielding opponent with just a pistol and a lightsaber. GGO doesn’t seem like the kind of game that can be so easily adapted to, but given Kirito’s experience in unforgiving games like SAO I suppose that he’d be capable of adapting faster than most players. The fight scene between Kirito and his nameless opponent was quite visually impressive. The use of visual effects and slow motion lead to a very beautiful looking fight scene that emphasizes just how impressive Kirito’s reaction time is in terms of dodging or deflecting bullets.


Kirito’s mission is to find Death Gun, but I don’t think it ever occurred to him that Death Gun would find him. To be honest, Death Gun is kind of a frightening individual. Kirito is not someone that can easily be snuck up on, yet somehow Death Gun was able to do just that and make it look easy. One moment he wasn’t there and then the next he was right behind Kirito. Although Kirito doesn’t know that the mysterious man in front of him is Death Gun, he does learn something else unpleasant about that man. Death Gun knows who Kirito is, and what the Laughing Coffin emblem on Kirito’s arm means.

For those who didn’t watch SAO, Laughing Coffin was an infamous player killing guild in Sword Art Online. In short, Kirito is in a great deal of trouble. His reputation in SAO will likely put him on the list of people that Death Gun intends to kill. So by choosing to use his default user name, Kirito has basically painted a giant target on himself and is yelling: “Here I am! Shoot me now!”

The next episode will be called Duel in the Wasteland. I imagine this will likely be the next round of the Bullet of Bullets tournament. It will either focus on Kirito or Sinon, but there is no reason that it couldn’t focus on both. While the results of Sinon’s first match aren’t shown, I can’t imagine that she would lose in the first round. Odds are she will be in the tournament all the way until the end when she has to fight Kirito or possibly Death Gun if he is in the tournament. Either way, this is where things are likely going to get very interesting from this point onward.