Resident Evil Remake HD Coming to 360, XB1, PS3, PS4 & PC

One of the greatest video game remakes of all time is getting an HD remaster. Capcom announced today that the 2002 remake of Resident Evil will be coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One,  Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. No Wii U version is planned despite the game originally being an exclusive for the Nintendo Gamecube.

The gameplay will remain completely unchanged. Players will be able to select a new control scheme in line with modern standards, or can opt to use the classic tank controls of the original game. The game can be presented in either 16:9 widescreen or in 4:3 but either way it will be in glorious 1080p HD. Both the control scheme and display option can be changed during the game at any time. Another new addition will have the camera scroll down with the player in certain areas, which partially averts the completely static camera of the original game.

No other content or difficulty modes have been announced, no is there any word about whether the remastered version will feature achievements and trophies for the console versions. Resident Evil HD will be available digitally in North America and Europe in Early 2015.