GameStop Overhauling Trade-In Program

GameStop is set to launch a new trade-in program that aims to provide more money for games people sell. Kotaku reports that this new system is designed to simplify GameStop’s trade-in structure. Any games that you sell will earn a flat rate that will only vary depending on if you choose store credit, cash, or if you’re a member of GameStop’s subscription program.

Additionally, GameStop will be increasing the base average it pays for used games by 20%. If you a certain game is worth $8 store credit, it might now net you $9.60 instead once the new system is implemented

“By eliminating the higher end price of products we buy and raising the lower end, we are able to raise the overall value the customers will receive,” says an internal GameStop document obtained by Kotaku. “With this program, we will not have complex multi-tiered trade promotions for the associates to remember and less math for the customer to understand what they are getting for their games.”

The new system is slated to launch on August 18, and has been confirmed by GameStop’s 3 senior VP of pre-owned business Jason Cochran.