Madden 15 xbox one

Xbox One Getting A Madden 15 Bundle

Football fans who are on the edge about making the generational console leap may be in luck.

Microsoft has announced that a Madden 15 themed Xbox One bundle will be making its way to stores. The bundle is set to release on the same day as Madden 15, August 26th, and will include a copy of the game.

The bundle will retail for the new, discounted price of $400 and so will not include a kinect sensor. The bundle will also include three tokens, redeemable in Madden 15’s ultimate team mode for three pro packs.

This is the second bundle for the Xbox One, following the release of the Titanfall bundle earlier this year. There are also rumours of Microsoft following Sony’s lead and releasing a white Xbox One later this year, possibly bundled with Sunset Overdrive.