Secret of Mana Coming To Android

RPG fans, rejoice! One of the greatest games ever made is coming to Android. The good news is, it’s a Square Enix RPG. The bad news, it’s a Square Enix game. Luckily, the price is on the good side of rational.

Secret of Mana, the classic Super Nintendo RPG, is making its way to Android soon. The game is priced at a moderate $8.99, which, all things considered, isn’t bad for what we consider the number three RPG of all time. You may not be able to experience the wonderful cooperative multiplayer, but it holds up incredibly well even by today’s standards.

In celebration of the long-awaited releases, iOS users can download the game at a five dollar discount. Return gamers looking for new content will be disappointed, as the only difference is a few bug fixes and a better translation. Is Square Enix paving the way for a full blown Seiken Densetsu 3 port, the sequel that was never released in North America?

No. The answer is probably no. No specific date has been announced, but Square Enix is targeting a fall release. If you haven’t yet checked this incredible game, I cannot urge you enough to do so.