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The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Blasts In

Last Friday on a panel that was fronted by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick; the likes of Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, lead writer Scott Gimple, Norman Reedus, Michael Cudlitz, series producer Gale Ann Hurd, and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman all enjoyed a chat on the long stage for San Diego Comic Con. While they took questions and talked all things Walking Dead, the main excitement came when the audience got to see the first official trailer for season 5.

Wow! It looks like the famous Walking Dead tone shift from season to season is still in place. This season certainly looks more focused on the bullets flying rather than the more small intimate moments, even though we’re sure there will still be some of them.

Scott Gimple said at the end of season 4 to expect an explosive season 5 with a lot more action and less stories involving less characters taking up an entire episode for exposition and character development, as that technique for the second half of season 4 was just setting up the intense and heartbreaking season 5 we’ve been promised.

It’s great to see The Walking Dead getting back to what it does best, and thrilling fans with suspense only this show can give you, as you can’t push away the fear of not knowing which one of your favourite characters will be bumped off next.

There are still a few unanswered questions after season 4’s finale for fans, with possibly the main one being, where’s Beth?

Well, this trailer has answered one part of the question. She’s with another group, but at the same time it raises another question: Who are these people she’s seen with?

It might be a group who are looking to restore normality by dressing up in uniform and assigning jobs to each member, as Beth seems to be given a type of nurse roll, while another woman is dressed in a full cop uniform. It’s also probable that the group will be a little unhinged, as this is The Walking Dead world, where almost every group is slightly “odd.”

Hopefully Beth will turn up in the first episode, bearing in mind that the first episode is reportedly an hour and a half, meaning there’s plenty of time for her to make an appearance for the last half an hour or so.

The ‘hour and a half’ news broke from various sites who claimed series make-up artist, Greg Nicotero, said that making the first episode was like making a mini movie, also adding that it has so much story and scope in this first episode that they had to make it longer for it be able to work.

Another rumour is that ‘The Fault in our Stars’ actor, Ansel Elgort will make an appearance as a character called Andrew, which might spark a love interest for Beth. That news comes from a Walking Dead fan page, Spoiling Dead, so take that rumour with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, I’m sure this season will move faster than last season, and will create more havoc for our favourite zombie slayers.

Let me know below what you thought of the trailer, and what you thought of last season.