Blasting Through the First Level of Gryphon Knight Epic

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-alpha build of the upcoming game Gryphon Knight Epic for the PC, a sidescrolling Shoot ‘Em Up inspired by titles such as Ghosts and Goblins and oddly enough, Metroid. Gryphon Knight Epic centers around Sir Oliver and his trusty Gryphon steed, who must face his former allies, now corrupted by evil.

The demo began in what I believe to be the first level, a swampland. While the controls seemed floaty at first, the developers have said that the gamepad deadzone has yet to be implemented. The level was a bit slow, at least for a Shoot ‘Em Up. There were never too many enemies on screen, but the enemies could take hits.

Speaking of enemies, the enemy variety was perhaps the best part of the game. While it did have the usual fantasy fare of bats, spiders, and venus flytraps, there were many other creative enemies. I squared off against kobolds riding pterodactyls, mosquitoes, and absolutely massive piranhas. Trailers have also shown pirates and beholders for different stages, hinting that the game’s enemy variety will be massive.


Of course, like any good Shoot ‘Em Up, I fought two wonderful bosses. The first was the classic Shoot ‘Em Up boss concept of battling a giant monster. I fought a powerful Treant corrupted by deadly fungus, causing the tree to shoot out powerful vines and spiked branches. The level’s true boss was more interesting, where Sir Oliver faced off against another animal-riding knight. The other knight’s attacks seemed to mirror Sir Oliver’s, and the developers have said that the other bosses will be duels as well.

While my time with the game was short, it did leave my excited for the future of this game. Help the game on Kickstarter if you want to see it get finished, and check out some of our other previews at Leviathyn for more in-depth looks into upcoming titles.