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PlayStation Outsells Xbox 3:1 In Q1 2014

Sony has released financial reports for the first quarter of the year from April to June 30, revealing that its PlayStation division is doing quite well. Games revenue for the company has risen 95.7 percent year-on year.

$2.5 billion was generated in sales from Sony’s Game & Network Services division, which Sony obviously attributes to the successful launch of PS4. Last year’s loss of $164 million has been replaced by an operating profit of $43 million. But, PlayStation 3 consoles and games sales have dropped down.

Both PS4 and PS3 consoles sold 3.5 million units combined in the first quarter, a rise from last year’s 1.1 million units. Sales of PSP, Vita and Vita TV rose to 750,000, yet again an increase from the 600,000 sold last year. Interestingly enough, Microsoft’s financial reports last week revealed that both Xbox One and Xbox 360 shipped 1.1 million units. This means that for the first three months of this financial year, the PlayStation brand outsold the Xbox brand 3:1.

But, Xbox One’s sales performance has increased this past month due to the removal of the Kinect from the box, thus decreasing the price of the system by $99.

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