Bioware Releases Teaser For Their New IP

Fans of Bioware may have received a cryptic email message from them today. Select fans and subscribers of Bioware received an email this evening titled “You have been chosen”, which redirected to them a spooky looking teaser trailer.

The forty second video shows a young man sitting in a cafe, doodling on a napkin. His phone repeatedly rings, as he continues to ignore the call and focus on his drawing. Finally, his phone explodes, while the view pans out to an extremely sinister looking hooded man watching through the window.

This is the second of such teasers released, as last week another such video was sent out titled “Nightmare”. Bioware fans can check out both of these teasers at the You Have Been Chosen Website. 

The website offers this bit of text, potentially teasing more information about the project to come at Gamescom.

The time is near. They are watching. Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You’ve Been Chosen.


If you are half as intrigued about this new IP as I am, make sure you keep the dates of Gamescom highlighted on your calander as August 13-17 will surely bring us more information. For more news and updates about Biowares secret new IP, keep it here at Leviathyn.