Sword Art Online II Episode 4 Review: Back to Basics

In the fourth episode of Sword Art Online II, Kirito finally logs into GGO only to discover that an unfortunate bug has occurred in the transfer process. He meets Sinon, who gives him a helpful explanation on how things work in GGO. This is a content filled episode that leaves the viewer wanting more but realizing that they unfortunately have to wait until next week.

I knew it was coming, but I still don’t understand why they needed to have Kirito become a woman. My only guess is that Sinon wouldn’t have been as friendly toward Kirito if he hadn’t been, but that is just a guess on my part. Either way it is a change that doesn’t really make much sense beyond that. Apparently the female avatar Kirito is using is some rare variant, but I don’t see what’s all that great about it. To be honest, it looks more like Kirito’s face changed a little and they gave him long flowing hair rather than a complete change of gender. Also he still sounds male, so I don’t see how Sinon would think that Kirito was female.


I do wonder if Sinon will eventually find out Kirito is actually male. If that does happen I can’t wait to see her reaction. Also, I especially can’t wait to see Asuna’s reaction if she discovers that Kirito has been turned into a girl. I can imagine Kirito might find some interesting texts and voice mails from Asuna on his phone when he logs out of GGO. That and the reactions of all of Kirito’s female friends and his digital child that is Yui will surely be comedic gold.

Kirito also gets to experience harassment due to other players thinking he is a female, which seems to be an issue even in the future of Virtual MMOs. Change of gender perspective aside, it’s also almost refreshing to see Kirito out of his element. In both SAO and ALO, Kirito for the most part seemed to be able to pick up on almost everything the moment he logged into those games. Yet Kirito starts off completely lost in the dark, urban environments of GGO.


Of course this doesn’t last long, as Kirito is soon able to do what was considered to be impossible less than one hour into playing GGO. In order to buy good weapons and armor, Kirito bets all his starting money in a gambling game where he has to dodge bullets fired by a cowboy robot that speaks in perfect English for some strange reason. Of course, Kirito makes it look easy because his reaction time is insane and earns enough money to buy himself a weapon that looks and sounds exactly like a lightsaber.

To sign up for the Bullet of Bullets event, it sounds like the players have to go to the Governor General’s Office. There is no word on if there are any requirements to enter the preliminaries, but I imagine there will be something that results in the Bullet of Bullets being stretched out over the course of what is likely a 25 episode season. The episode ends with Sinon and Kirito riding on a motorcycle (that is apparently hard to use, yet Kirito uses it perfectly somehow) in an attempt to get to the office within ten minutes. Of course, there is not a single doubt that they will make it there just in the nick of time.

So the next episode will likely be about Kirito and Sinon either entering the Bullet of Bullets preliminaries or getting ready for them. Kirito still needs to get some armor and a little more training in with his new gun since the recoil nearly sent him flying on the firing range. Since there seems to be some amount of PvE content in GGO, I can imagine that Kirito may have to go hunting there for gear, weapons, or even more money. But since the title is called Sword and Gun for the next episode, I can imagine that Sinon and Kirito might end up teaming up at some point or in the next episode. Either way, Kirito might be meeting Death Gun soon given that Sinon is one of the targets.