GameSpot Hit With Layoffs has laid off a number of their employees today, coming from numerous tweets and an article from

An article on NeoGaf shows the staff that was laid off today, with jobs from writers to the editor-in-chief all being laid off. Carolyn Petit, Tom Mc Shea, Justin Calvert, Maxwell McGee, Ryan Mac Donald, and Benito Gonzalez have all been confirmed to not be apart of GameSpot anymore. Danny O’Dwyer, Kevin VanOrd, Shaun Mcinnis, Chris Watters, Justin Haywald, and Jess McDonell have been confirmed to stay on.

Carolyn Petit was the first to confirm the layoffs with breaking the news on Twitter, saying, “Today was my last day at GameSpot. It was a dream to work there, and I’m very proud of the work I did.”

There are only two North American editorial writers are still with the website, Kevin VanOrd and Shaun Mcinnis. A GameSpot representative acknowledge the cuts today by saying, “GameSpot did some shifting of internal resources as part of our long-term content and user engagement strategy. A few positions were impacted.”

It’s always sad to see members of an established gaming news website to lose their jobs. CBS Interactive is probably restructuring the company to adapt to the new YouTube, personality-driven gaming journalism. Only time will tell what GameSpot will be in the coming months.

We all wish the best for those affected today and we wish for them to land on their feet quickly.