Deep Silver Acquires The Homefront License

Following reports of Crytek’s inability to pay its employees, thus plaguing development on upcoming title Homefront: The Revolution, Deep Silver has officially acquired all rights to the Homefront franchise, and will now be in charge of the aforementioned 2015 game.

The studio, well known for its Dead Island and Saints Rows games, will be opening up a new studio in Nottingham, England and will be picking up “all coherent assets from Crytek”. This new studio will be called Dambuster Studios, and it isn’t clear whether or not it’ll be made up of former Crytek UK staff members, which is also located in Nottingham as well. It wouldn’t be surprising if the studio has reformed under Crytek UK.

The future of Crytek, following this development, is shrouded in mystery. The developer has been contacted regarding its response to Deep Silver’s acquisition, but it has failed to respond so far.


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