Bravely Default characters

1 Million Copies Of Bravely Default Have Been Sold

Square Enix’s 3DS JRPG Bravely Default has sold over a million copies since its release in the beginning of the year. The official Twitter account of the game confirmed the news, following reports made by Dengeki Online. 400,000 units were sold in Japan, with 600,000 in the west.

The game has become so successful for Square Enix, that the company has promised to return back to its old roots. Bravely Default’s healthy commercial performance, and exceptional critical reception is a clear indication that there is still a hunger for classic JRPG experiences, something that Square Enix has failed to provide in the past decade or so.

A sequel to Bravely Default is already in the works, titled Bravely Second, but still does not have a release window for the west.