Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Limited Edition Unveiled

Square Enix has revealed a limited edition of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix, set to include a pin badge featuring both Sora and Mickey, and will be free for those who pre-order the game now.

A post on PS Blog explains, “This pin badge is made of out of a soft enamel coating on metal and at its height, it stretches out to 4.27 cm.” A limited edition of Kingdom Hearts I.5 Remix was also available for free to those who pre-ordered the game quickly, but it included an art-book instead of the aforementioned pin. II.5 Remix will include the HD versions of Kingdom Hearts II, Birth by Sleep, and Re: Coded, and will be available December 2. 

Both HD collections look set to satiate fans who are patiently awaiting the third entry in the series, Kingdom hearts III. The game was announced back at E3 2013, but missed this year’s show. It looks very likely that we’ll get to see the game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show in September.