Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC

Gamestop Offering Exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC

The Red Hood will be joining the ranks in Batman: Arkham Knight. According to a leaked image, Gamestop is offering Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC as an exclusive pre-order bonus. This is in addition to the Harley Quinn DLC that’s being offered as a pre-order bonus for all retailers.

The story pack will allow players to take control of the Red Hood character in several missions that will allow you to “play as the ruthless vigilante.” There’s no word on whether the Red Hood DLC will come with it’s own challenge maps.

For those unfamiliar with DC lore, the Red Hood was an alias first used by the Joker, before he had white skin and green hair. There are several variations, but the Joker’s donning of the Red Hood alias directly leads to him falling into a vat of chemicals and giving him his iconic appearance.

The Red Hood alias was also used by Jason Todd, the second Robin, who came back to life after being famously killed off in Batman: A Death in the Family. Given that Jason Todd has yet to appear in the Batman: Arkham series, this seemingly confirms that he will be the Red Hood in Arkham Knight.

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