Goblin Techies Revealed For Dota 2

One of the most requested heroes from the original Dota is finally making its way to the sequel. In a climactic reveal at The International All-Star Game, the Techies roll onto the scene, and just as in the original, they are one of the harder characters to play.

The Techies play a very high risk/high reward style of play. Though they have the lowest auto-attack damage in the game, their assortment of mines and traps can do great damage, provided you have the proper map awareness. Their signature ability lets them commit suicide to deal huge AOE damage, which also halves your respawn timer. When used correctly, this can be a devastating last resort, and is one of the only skills that can guarantee first blood.

The Techies are also incredible at countering junglers, as their mines have a global presence, but are also one of the most mana, and pure skill, intensive characters on the roster. Safe to say there will be a few angry players out there watching the Techies die over and over again, but those who can properly use them should be in for a world of fun.

Today is the last day of the International, which has reached new levels of popularity this year, with a prize pool of over $10 million. No exact release date for the Techies yet, but we expect them to be added very soon.