Wrongchilde’s Sophisticated “Love is a Battlefield” Cover

Aging gracefully isn’t something we see in music anymore. Covers of songs that once used to be an anthem to a generation are mutilated and altered so much, that you have to Google who the hell did the song in the first place.

Breaking the archetypal styles that covers seem to go on; Wrongchilde, the brainchild of Kill Hannah’s frontman Mat Devine with the aid of Morgan Kirby (White Sea) , turns Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” into a melancholic yet sophisticated lament.

Compared to Benatar’s desperate heroine, Wrongchilde’s video could be seen as an end to the beginning. On one hand a younger woman is desperate to get away from it all and on the other a more older and wiser woman is desperate to exact revenge on a former flame. Ultimately, her plan is foiled because: A. her minions are kids and B. kids tend not to listen to what they are told to do. Sorry lady.

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