The Elder Scrolls Online Arrives On Steam

Although it has been available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for some time now, Bethesda has finally brought its massive MMO The Elder Scrolls Online to Steam, starting sometime today. Both Standard and Imperial editions will be available, and comes with all bonuses and perks that the other versions come with.

You can purchase the Standard edition for $59.99, and the Imperial edition for $99.99. The Imperial edition lets you play as the Imperial race, complete with a white horse mount, a Mudcrab vanity pet and the ability to get marries by performing the ritual of Mara. It also includes a 30-day subscription, which usually costs about $15 a month, and is required to play. You can also go into their official store for some more goodies, including the Explorer’s Pack, which comes with another pet, some treasure maps and, most importantly, the ability to create an alliance with any race.

If you are interested in The Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to check out their QuakeCon stream tomorrow at 5 Central time on their Twitch stream. You can also check out our review of the game to get an idea of what to expect (spoiler: we think it’s awesome).