Seven Action Heroes I Want to See in Broforce

Broforce is the most American video game I’ve ever played. You play as a Smash Bros-esque cast of 80s and 90s action all stars, including the Terminator, John Rambo, Indiana Jones, and more. If that wasn’t patriotic enough, every level ends with the entire place blowing up followed by red white and blue lettering reading AREA LIBERATED. Since the game is still in early access, there are new bros being added all the time. So with the Fourth of July barely behind us and plenty of action flicks on my shelf, these are the seven action heroes I want to see in Broforce.


Double Bro Seven


The very first Broforce character idea I had. It was tough choosing between Double Bro Seven and James Brond for his punny name. He could attack with a silenced pistol that wouldn’t alert any enemies to his location, and use a laser-shooting wristwatch as his special to accurately cut through the level’s terrain.


Jason Brohees

4 Jason Vorhees

Hm? Jason isn’t from an action movie? And he isn’t a hero either? Talk like that reminds me of the usual victims of slasher movies. Seriously though, I do feel that Jason mashes with this game’s theme very well. He would cut through enemies with his machete, and use off-screen teleportation magic as his special to get behind his foe and dice them apart.


Broba Fett


Boba Fett is one of the most iconic Star Wars characters, and the most cut out to appear in Broforce. With his laser blaster in one hand, he could bring in a steady supply of thermal detonators to blow enemies bases apart from a distance. If the iconic Star Wars explosive couldn’t work, he could always call in the Slave I to fire a massive laser down on the battlefield.




Who said every action character had to be from a movie? Doomguy may not be a film star, but he’s quite the icon when it comes to guns and explosions. Doomguy could lay waste to the battlefield with Doom’s iconic BFG, using massive green blasts to clear out enemy bases. For a super move, he could easily take a page out of the doom comic to rip and tear his way through his foe’s huge guts.




He-Man doesn’t have the usual traits of a Broforce character, but I do feel that he could be really interesting and fun to play as if done right. He-Man would start out as wimpy Prince Adam without any attacks, but one special move would turn him into He-Man for a short time. As He-Man, Adam could easily mow down enemies and possibly have the best mobility and range of any character in the game. When time’s up though, he will be left defenseless as Adam once again.


The Broisher


He doesn’t fit the theme of the game. He’s not a very popular 80s/90s character. Hell, he’s a comic book character most well known for that horrible movie. He will never get in.

That doesn’t stop a man from dreaming. In an ideal world, Frank would mow through enemies with two pistols, and gain temporary invulnerability by using his iconic skull vest as a powerup.


Well, that wraps up my Broforce character ideas. If you want to read more on Broforce, check out Jarrett’s piece on 80s Throwback Games or take a look at some of our other wishlists.