Frozen PS4

Limited Edition Frozen PS4 Coming To Japan

In a surprise announcement that makes my inner Disney fan go wild, Sony has announced today that they will be bringing a limited edition Frozen PS4 to market in Japan.

The strange pairing probably has something to do with the success the movie has had in Japan, and around the entire planet for that matter, as it is now officially the highest grossing animated movie of all time. To commemorate this achievement, and (probably more likely) to attract a younger install base to the platform, Sony will be offering this limited edition PS4 with a golden engraved portrait of Elsa and Anna to Japanese consumers on July 16th.

Let it go North American gamers, let it goo

Let it go North American gamers, let it goo

As mentioned above, the system will launch on July 16th and will cost 42,980 yen, which is approximately $424. No word on if the limited edition Frozen PS4 will ever make its way over seas, so for now you will just have to Let It Go.

Source: Gamespot