divinity original sin

Divinity: Original Sin – My Mid-Year RPG Game Of The Year

Lets get right to it; Divinity: Original Sin is something special. My time spent with the game so far has been nothing short of spectacular, and each hour that I sink into the title rewards me unlike any game I have played this year. It is constantly trying something new, and is not afraid to let go of your hand and throw you into the abyss of role-playing. The game is challenging, unique, beautiful, and most of all, fun.

Today I’d like to walk you through my impressions of the game so far, and highlight the features that spoke to me the most. For a full review of Divinity: Original Sin keep your eye here at Leviathyn, and until then you can also check out the reviewer Perry’s impressions of the title so far.

To begin, gorgeous hand-painted cut scenes lead into beautifully colourful in game sequences. The environments are a joy to behold, and I found myself exploring every nook and cranny of each area before moving on. Even simple things such as skeletons exploding into a pile of bones upon impact are included in the game, and the graphical fidelity really impressed me.

divinity original sin screen

One of the unique things about Divinity: Original Sin is the fact that you control not one, but two main characters. While the game features Co-Op which would allow a friend to take control of one of the characters, I found controlling, building and interacting with both was a real treat in my single player campaign.A fairly deep customization mode with many classes to choose from greet you at the beginning of the game, and will allow you to shape both of your main characters to your liking. Making characters that compliment each other, as well as with the other members of your party which you will recruit throughout your journey, is very important.

The production values are top notch, with excellent voice acting and general aesthetics. Your characters will comment on the environments around them, and their excellent banter only adds to the immersion of the game.

Conversations between the two main characters are a nice addition, and the role playing elements they contain only immerse yourself deeper into this world. Your choices in these conversations between the two main characters will shape their personalities, such as materialistic or romantic.

divinity orignal sin convo screen

Turn based combat is initiated smoothly, and due to the large number of skills at your disposal it is extremely satisfyingly. The switch between action exploration and turned based combat is very smooth, and i found myself looking forward to every battle. The game is unfraid to let go of your hand, the battles can be very challenging. Intensive preparation and development of your characters is imperative to do well in Divinity: Original Sin.

The environments are intractable in fun and unique ways, such as being able to move objects that are in your path and setting off traps before they harm you and your party. There are usually many ways to approach a situation, such as beating open a chest as opposed to unlocking it with a lock pick. This environmental interactivity also plays a large part in the battles of Divinity: Original Sin. Elemental elements play a huge part in battle, and strategically using items around you is very important to being successful. For example, many battlefields will contain barrels of substances such as water or oil, and interacting with these with the appropriate spell can cause a huge shift in the battle. Spilling oil on your enemies and then lighting them on fire is one way players can use these elements to their advantage, and interacting with the environment is usually imperative in winning on the battlefield.

divinity original sin combat

Even simple trade has been given a unique twist, as the simple act of buying and selling armour and equipment is now a barter based system. You can try to set prices for items you wish to buy or sell, or even try to exchange your loot for other items instead of gold.

Divinity: Original Sin has all the elements that one looks for in an RPG game. Interesting characters, an intriguing plot, fun and challenging combat, branching story and dialogue all contained within a package stuffed full of quests and things to do. This game is defintely the best RPG I have played so far this year, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into even more of its content. Check out the game’s Kickstarter page for more information about the content the game contains, and you can also read our impressions on the game’s Alpha which was released earlier this year.