Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Receives Defenders of Eorzea Patch

Ever since A Realm Reborn turned Final Fantasy XIV from a laughingstock into an actual functional, and good, video game, Square Enix has done an admirable job of rolling out quality content in a timely basis. The latest patch, entitled Defenders of Eorzea, adds some interesting functionality as well as the expected extra gameplay content.

You can check out the patch notes to see exactly what is happening here, but on the surface, the patch fixes some balancing issues while adding a wealth of new activities to do. Hullbreaker Isle is a brand-new four-man dungeon that opens up at Disciple of War or Magic level 50. Existing dungeons Tam-Tara Deepcroft, The Stone Vigil and The Striking Tree are all getting hard mode manifestations, and players can now explore more of the Crystal Tower arc.



People who enjoy digging into the story will have a ton of new content to wade through, but one of the more interesting aspects of the patch involves a Final Fantasy mainstay: chocobos. In addition to getting your own private quarters, you can now raise and train your very own chocobo mount. Desynthesis is also coming, which will allow you to deconstruct raw items for crafting materials, some of which are unique to desynthesis.

Overall, this is a rich patch that covers a lot of bases: story content, chocoos and one very cool looking boss fight against Ramuh. The three-faction PvP also looks exciting, so what are you waiting for? The patch is available now, so go grab it!

Source: Kotaku