Cliff Bleszinski Reveals Free-To-Play Shooter BlueStreak

After taking a hiatus from game development at Epic Games, Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is back with a new studio and a new title. Bleszinsky has announced via Twitter that his new studio Boss Key is working with Nexon on a PC free-to-play shooter code-named BlueStreak. Precious few details were released about the upcoming title, which means no speculative date, but we can glean a few things from this announcement.

Nexon, perhaps best know for MapleStory, has a long history with developing free-to-play games, but this is still quite a departure from the AAA console games that Bleszinski has previously been know for. After leaving Epic, speculation abounded as to what exactly Bleszinksi, also known as Cliffy B, would do, but it appears he will stick with what he knows best: shooters. BlueStreak is billed as a “Sci-Fi PC arena shooter”, although we have no idea what exactly that means right now. 

I’d like to see Bleszinski move beyond steroid-dripping, waist-high barriers, and free-to-play is certainly an intriguing path for him to take. Gears of War may have been polarizing for some people, but they were all highly polished games that garnered a huge following, and a lot of that was due to Bleszinski’s vision. It will be very interesting to see if he can keep up that quality while bringing some new ideas to the table.

I’m holding out hope this is based on the 1999 Martin Lawrence film, I think I might be fighting a losing battle there. From the sound of things, it looks like we may be looking at a multiplayer-focused title, but with Cliffy B, it’s never safe to assume you know what is going to happen.  Either way, I hope this reignites Bleszinski’s passion for making video games, and we will be sure to keep you posted as soon as we hear any details on BlueStreak.