Beyond: Two Souls Director’s Cut Reportedly Leaked

According to retailer listings and a developer’s portfolio, PlayStation 3’s Beyond: Two Souls is getting a remastered Director’s Cut release for PlayStation 4.

Two German retailers outed the game, listing the expanded version of the title for Sony’s new console for release later this year. The two culprits are Alcom and World of Games, but the listings have since been removed.

Earlier this year, NeoGAF users spotted a PS4 version of the game included in a programmer’s portfolio, so these new reports shouldn’t come as a surprise. There’s also the fact that developer Quantic Dream has been involved with the PlayStation 4 early on in development, and it might be using this remaster to further familiarize itself with the new system.

Naughty Dog is another developer of Sony’s that is releasing a remaster of its own – The Last of Us: Definitive Edition. The game is scheduled to release on July 31 for PS4.