Watch Sunset Overdrive’s Opening Cinematic, Plus Gameplay

Insomniac Games has made no qualms about how absurd its upcoming action title Sunset Overdrive is, but now they have released a couple of videos to display just how ridiculous (in the best way possible) it is.

Insomniac has released the opening cinematic to Sunset Overdrive, which tells the story of how Sunset City has fallen victim to a mutant/zombie/something virus cause by a brand new energy drink. Let’s be honest: we all knew this would happen someday.


As you can see, the poo hits the proverbial fan awfully quick, so it looks like players can look forward to a quick start, and can get down to shooting energy drink monsters with wacky weaponry as soon as possible. In the next video, Insomniac walks us through some gameplay. Using their character (although you will be able to make your own), the video does a good job of showing off the weaponry and traversal mechanics that are so key to the game.



If you need more reasons to be excited about this game, check out Sarah’s take on why it was her game of E3, or see Jason’s hands-on piece to get a feel for how the game plays live. Sunset Overdrive is scheduled for an October release this year.