A Developer Conference Will Be Hosted By Oculus

A new developer conference focused on virtual reality experiences called Oculus Connect, will be hosted by Oculus in the near future. According to the company, Oculus Connect “is a unique moment for the developer community to come together to take the virtual reality to the next level.” It is created for designers, engineers, and creatives. 

The company also stated that this conference will be the first place to learn about new VR technology and its future. There’ll also be workshops led by Oculus engineers and leaders. Keynotes from a handful of Oculus founders, which includes John Carmack, and Palmer Lucky, will focus on the future of the VR medium as well.

Oculus Connect will take place from September 19-20 in Hollywood, California. It will be open to the public, but will contain a developer-centric mindset.

This is the first major step from Oculus since it was acquired by Facebook in March for $2 billion, and will surely be interesting to see what it plans to show off in this conference.