Hyrule Warriors E3

The Zelda Characters We Want to Appear in Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors was my favorite game shown off at Nintendo’s E3 press conference by far. The exhilarating action and large scale combat was a blast, but what really has me excited are the characters in the upcoming title. From Link to new characters and Twilight Princess’ Agatha, there are plenty of Zelda characters lined up in the game. However, there are still plenty of exciting warriors who have yet to join the cast of the game. These are just a few of our personal picks.

Perry’s Picks


With so many female characters from Twilight Princess appearing in the new title, it wouldn’t hurt to see Ocarina of Time’s resident female warrior take the battlefield. Nabooru is a proud Gereudo warrior who fights, like her sisters in arms, with two scimitars. This unique fighting style could make quite a spectacle on the battlefield and change the pace of the game.




Ravio is one of the newest Zelda characters, but you can’t deny his charm. Without spoiling too much, this mysterious shopkeeper has a heroic streak to him that could place him alongside Hyrule’s finest in combat. With his avian friend Sheerow at his side and plenty of weapons to use, I would love to play as Ravio in the upcoming game.




Tingle is a mandatory character for literally any Zelda game. While other characters would race around the battlefield and cut down anybody in their way, Tingle would instead peacefully fly over his foes and casually drop bombs on their head. After all, nothing is quite as deadly as a thirty five year old man in a skintight green suit who dances and thinks he’s a fairy.

Tim’s Picks


There’s not much more you can say about his lordship. Hate him, love him, dare to make fun of him, Girahim’s the wildcard no or off a Hylian battlefield. A capable swordsman beyond being a master spellcaster, good ‘ole diamond britches is the wild, kooky sort Hyrule Warriors is made for. Wielding a blade as easily as he’d swipe his enemy’s, Girahim’s clever footwork would make short work of more acrobatically inclined duels along with any electric hurtles he could muster with the snap of his fingers. He’s not fussy, and neither should Nintendo be, because there’s further no excusing his not giving that tongue of his a wag as part of his idle pose. *shudders*



Sage, Picori, craftsman, Vaati’s seemingly worn many a “cap” in his time, and magical ones at that. That’s exactly why he’d be the magic touch Hyrule Warriors needs, and in the nastiest ways. While he’s not liable to have a sword at his side, he’d be exactly the type to blow away the competition, and by that we mean whirlwinds to make the perfect storm out of his rivals on the field. 

Why not tip to the hat to his shapeshifting savvy? It’s Vaati’s evil eye I want his enemies to be looking at, particularly the winged one he’d be traversing the battlefield with, bats and all in tow, just to scare the crap out of ‘em. And just because he’s the little stinker he is, turning folks into stone is a must.