Celebrate The US of A In GTA V’s New Update

If Grand Theft Auto has had one theme, it is living the American dream…assuming of course your version of the American dream involves robbery, drugs and flat-out mayhem. Rockstar is channeling their inner stars-and-stripes for an Independence Day update chock full of good old fashioned patriotism.

Available today, the Independence Day Special update brings a variety of new content, even if it doesn’t include the heists we have been waiting on forever. Racers will be happy to see a couple of new cars: the Sovereign motorcycle and the Liberator monster truck. For gun aficionados, the Firework Rocket Launcher, which looks just as cool as it sounds, is joined by a true piece of American history: the high-powered Musket.

A handful of new properties are also available, complete with the resources to pull of your ultimate firework show. And if you get bored, you can now stroll down to Peasure Pier and ride the Ferris Wheel and Leviathan Roller Coaster, or try on some of the new patriotic styles available to your closet.


The most important feature comes under the hood though, as on-call matchmaking is finally being instituted. Now, instead of waiting who-knows-how-long for a lobby to fill up, you can continue to roam the streets of Los Santos until your match is full. This should drastically cut back on down-time between matches, letting you channel your inner Abe Lincoln a little more during play sessions (Abe Lincoln was active in street racing and convenience store robberies, right?).

The best part about all this is that it is all free with an automatic update. Simply log in, download the update, and start going America all over everybody as soon as you want.

Source: Rockstar


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