Squids Odyessy

Nintendo Gets Its First 3DS/Wii U Cross-Buy Game

Squids Odyssey has been confirmed to be the first ever Cross-Buy title for the 3DS and Wii U systems. The drawback however, is that this offer is only currently available in Europe. No words if the feature will be coming to more games, or will be coming over seas, but for now European Squids Odyssey gamers will be able to play on both of their Nintendo consoles.

In a press release detailing the offer, if the game is purchased on the Nintendo 3DS, gamers with the same Nintendo Network ID on their Wii U can then proceed to download and play the game there as well.

GoNintendo reached out to the studio behind the title, The Game Bakers, who provided these statements about their title’s upcoming Cross-Buy features:

“We are very excited by this promotion as it’s the first time this happens – as far as I know,” Emeric Thoa, creative content lead at the The Game Bakers said. “It’s a proof that Nintendo is making efforts in giving more control to the developer on its pricing and promotions.”

“I’m glad that our players will be able to play on 3DS and Wii U for the price of one game. It’s a shame that it’s only in Europe yet but hopefully this cross buy operation will be appreciated and the technical constraints that prevented it to happen in the US will be fixed.”

Are you excited to finally be able to play titles on both your 3DS and Wii U? Or are you more disappointed that the feature is currently only available to European gamers? Let us know in the comments section below!