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InSomnia RPG Looking For KickStarter Support

InSomnia RPG is the latest indie title to come to KickStarter. Created by Studio MONO, a small team of independent developers who hail from various continents around the world, InSomnia RPG is a unique title which hopes to capture your interest in the current golden age of indie releases.

The game brings us to a post-apocalyptic world in which we are on a space ship called “The Ark”. The Ark has been on a 400 year voyage to find a new home after a war several centuries ago brought the world into turmoil. Your character wakes up from a twenty year cryogenic sleep to find themselves on the gargantuan ship, and must explore and uncover the mysteries it holds.

Insomnia RPG screenshot

InSomnia RPG promises an epic non-linear story which should take 15-20 hours to complete, and will also contain another 20-30 hours of side quests with support for more free content planned for the future. The game will see players engage in thorough and realistic real time combat, where strategy will have to be employed to maximize your fighting potential.

The game will contain deep character customization, and will allow you to play to a style of your liking. You can approach a situation with all-out combat, stealth, or even verbal persuasion. Your decisions will have a large impact on the direction of the story as well as the fates of the characters around you. Branching conversation trees and a morality system ensure that each decision will be weighty, and that no one play through will be quite the same.

If all of this piques your interest, much more information on the game and all of its features can be found on its kickstarter page. The studio is aiming for a $70,000 goal and as of this writing still has 23 days to go. After only two days the title has already been accepted by Steam Greenlight, see their listing here. InSomnia RPG is set to release on PC and Mac in Q4 of 2015.

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