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Laura Dern thinks David Lynch is Ready for a Return to Film

Last week during an interview for her new movie The Fault in Our Stars, Laura Dern said that master surrealist filmmaker David Lynch was ready to return to the film scene. No surprise, as Dern is close friends with Lynch; she has appeared in a number of his films – from Inland Empire, Wild at Heart, and Blue Velvet.

“I will be working with David Lynch when I’m 80. He is cooking, he’s cooking up trouble, and I will be part of that trouble,” Dern enthusiastically told Digital Spy. “He’s the consummate renaissance man, he just makes art wherever he can get his hands on it. But film, ultimately, I know is his great love, and I think he will always circle back to it. He’s definitely cooking.”

Fans of Lynch were suddenly breaking out in excitement late last year as a rumour broke from actor Ray Wise (Leland Palmer in Lynch’s 1980s cult classic Twin Peaks) who claimed that Lynch was ready to make more Twin Peaks, but unfortunately the rumour turned out to be false. However, we feel slightly better as a Twin Peaks blu-ray boxset has recently been announced with 90 minutes of unseen footage from Fire Walk with Me; there will be no season three, sadly.

David Lynch

Twin Peaks aside, one film may still be lingering on Lynch’s mind to be made: Ronnie Rocket, the script he wrote about the story of a detective seeking to enter a mysterious second dimension, aided by his ability to stand on one leg. He is being obstructed on this quest by a strange landscape of odd rooms and a threatening train; while being stalked by the “Donut Men” who wield electricity as a weapon. In addition to the detective’s story, the film was to show the tale of Ronald d’Arte, a teenage dwarf, who suffers a surgical mishap which leaves him dependent on being plugged into an electrical supply at regular intervals; this dependence grants him an affinity over electricity which he can use to produce music or cause destruction. The boy names himself Ronnie Rocket and becomes a rock star, befriending a tap-dancer named Electra-Cute.

It sounds typical Lynch; with electricity sparking, alternate realities, and quirky characters. It could be that the “tap dancer” will be Laura Dern, with the dwarf played by Michael J. Anderson, who played the man from another place in Twin Peaks.

Whatever Lynch is “cooking” up, it’s just great to hear that art house cinema will get a kick out of Lynch’s latest news. He is a master of the surreal and let’s hope he can get his good friend Angelo Badalamenti to compose the project as well.

His next film will be some time in the future as other projects like music, his coffee, and painting are all at the forefront at the moment.

Let me know below what you think of David Lynch making a return to cinema. Here’s what I think: