Nobunaga the Fool Episode 24 Review: An Okay Ending

So the end has finally come, the twenty fourth and final episode of Nobunaga the Fool. It feels like ages ago when this unique anime started. It has had a few ups and many downs, and the finale wasn’t too bad all things considered. So let’s take a look at the final episode and then the series as a whole.

The episode wastes no time in starting things off, with Mitsu immediately turning around and killing Cesare. No friends among the servants of King Arthur I suppose. Although speaking of King Arthur, his true face is revealed. To be honest I kind of expected King Arthur to end up being a shriveled old, and deformed man that makes Emperor Palpatine look healthy. This is exactly what King Arthur looks like. Apparently the only other person, aside from Nobunaga, that is able to see through the illusions that King Arthur casts is Leonardo Da Vinci.  That would likely explain why Leonardo was never allowed to meet King Arthur, but I do wonder why Leonardo was immune to those illusions?


As far as the final battle between Nobunaga and King Arthur goes, there isn’t one. Nobunaga manifests into some kind of large red dragon thing and Alexander does the same. They clash around in the sky which causes the Holy Grail to manifest, although it is then immediately destroyed by Nobunaga. King Arthur meets his end when he gets crushed by the dragon form of Alexander. Despite all the time and build up that has occurred for this one moment in the series, it ends really fast without any real epic pay off of any kind.

The true final battle is between Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, who attacks Nobu in the belief that Nobu will destroy everything. Of course it turns out that Nobu was only destroying the tools of war itself rather than destroying life, although by the time Mitsu realizes this he has already fatally wounded Nobunaga. According to Leonardo Da Vinci, Nobu is actually Judas while Mitsu is the true Savior King. Again this attempt at religious parallels really does not work the way the writers wanted it to, and just feels unnecessary. So Mitsu is left to rebuild the world with the survivors while Nobu and Jeanne both die and are eventually reincarnated in a modern day version of the Star of the East. It is implied that the two will eventually meet again and then the series ends.


All things considered, this ending could have been a lot worse. Leonardo Da Vinci had a very bizarre death scene where he is there one minute and gone the next with a very brief exit. For all the build up about the Holy Grail, it ended up getting no screen time at all which is disappointing. Overall it really seemed like an impossible situation that was resolved far too easily. But at the very least it is able to bring Nobunaga the Fool to a mostly satisfying close.

Looking at the series as whole, Nobunaga the Fool had a great concept. Unfortunately it wasn’t as well executed as it could have been. There were times where it felt like they were rushing the story along so they could have more slower parts where nothing really happened. Entire weeks if not months of time were skipped over, when that time could have been used for better character development.  There was often things that were not explained or characters that would vanish for awhile or just get killed off way too quickly, like most of the Round Table. The writing was questionable at times, but at least the visuals remained consistently great. The body count for characters at the end was slightly lower than I thought it would be, since the writers loved to make it seem like somebody died even though they would come back alive and well.


While Nobunaga the Fool was an interesting experience, it is something I likely would not watch again. Even when the dub eventually comes out, I have no desire to watch this series again. It was fun while it lasted, but it will be an anime that I forget after a few years. As far as recommendations go, if you are into battles between overpowered gundams and like a series that likes to mess with historical accuracy, then Nobunaga the Fool is for you. Although I can certainly see why this anime is one that most people would prefer to pass on.

Starting in July, many new anime series will be airing. Among those is the release of the new Sailor Moon anime, so keep an eye out for the first impressions article sometime on or after July 5th.