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Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are the The Nice Guys

It is rumored that Gosling and Crowe are eyeing up Shane Black’s next movie titled The Nice Guys. A noir thriller set in Los Angeles. Shane Black, director of the very successful Iron Man 3, is obviously using his success from that movie to make a film based on his own script which he wrote with Anthony Bagarozzi back in 2011.

The Nice Guys is set in smoggy, grimy 1970’s Los Angeles, where tough nut Jackson Healey and private eye Holland March combine forces to investigate the strange case of a fading porn stars suicide. However circumstances turn strange when they’re contacted by the girl’s aunt, who is convinced she saw her alive after the supposed death. The case is on as both detectives are struggling for money in their alcoholic lives so they see no other option but to take it. The plot will thicken as it starts to tie in to the US car industry that quickly grows more complicated than either man expects: it sounds like typical noir with alcoholic private eyes and a dead girl … well, supposedly.

Of course it all could turn into a clichéd mess; however I highly doubt it as the talent of Shane Black’s storytelling and dialogue is something original in itself. He seems to take inspiration from Tarantino but spins it into something fresh like his previous films such as the Lethal Weapon franchise and his directional debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The last film I mentioned certainly had undertones of noir, and if Black can emulate any of that and keep The Nice Guys serious with a touch of dark humour, we could have our next L.A Confidential or maybe Chinatown on our hands.

Gosling in crime noir film Gangster Squad

Noir is something that has been missing as the great noir writer James Ellroy has not written a book for a few years, meaning the noir market is now filled with the new modern day “neo-noir.” The modern day version just isn’t the same as post wartime Los Angeles or Chicago, where there are dark shady figures in alleyways, smoke filled jazz clubs, and corrupt officials around every corner. Hopefully the ball will get rolling on this picture soon.

Joe Silver is producing the project after he finds a buyer from an independent financer to get the film’s ball rolling. It shouldn’t take long as many development executives are rumoured to be very interested in the project.

While Gosling and Crowe’s representatives are trying to play down any speculation that they will sign on the film; as Crowe has still got to make his directional debut picture, called The Water Divine. It is probably true that Gosling will likely feature as he is clearly fond of noir pictures. Just take a look at his recent directional debut Lost River, or Drive, to get a grasp of why he was suggested for The Nice Guys.

Let me know below whether you would see this film when it is released.