Rare Has New Games In Development, Has Microsoft’s Support

Ever since Microsoft decided to sever Kinect from the Xbox One entirely, Rare’s future came into question. The renowned developer has been relegated to developing for the Kinect ever since the motion device was introduced several years ago. But while speaking to Eurogamer, Microsoft Studios Europe chief Phil Harrison has ensured that the studio has Microsoft’s full support in developing what it wants, even despite the recent layoffs that hit Rare.

“I’m very happy to go on record to alleviate any of those concerns you might have,” he said. “We are very fortunate in having Rare and Lionhead in the UK as crown jewels of Microsoft Studios.

“Rare is working on a couple of things at the moment, which we will announce at the right time. But I’m really excited by the things they’re doing and I believe you will be as well when you hear about them.

“Rare is an incredible talent and they have some very very ambitious plans for the future and we’re supporting them in every way we can.”

Rare is currently reevaluating its future.