Armillo Rolls Onto the Wii U eShop This July

What’s orange, round, and rolls all over the place? Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has your answer, and it’s coming to a Wii U near you for North America and Europe.

After three and a half years of development, Fuzzy Wuzzy Games’ 3D action platformer of Armillo will be available for download only this July 3rd on the Wiii U eShop following the delay of its intended May 12th release. With a special 3-week introductory price, that’s just in time for your 4th of July weekend.

Armillo follows its titular orange armadillo racing and rolling through pipes, mazes, and worlds of all kinds in old-school action platforming all in search of answering a certain “parallel universe” mystery. An additional multiplayer mode is also in the works.

We spoke to the Fuzzy Wuzzy team not too long ago about Armillo’s debut and it looks like the game’s certainly come along nicely. Watch Armillo’s most recent debut at this past E3 right down below:

Armillo is further slated for a PC release at a later date.