Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 Review: All Downhill From Here

It would seem that in retrospect, the only high point for the good guys of Nobunaga the Fool was episode one. After that, it seems like it’s been all downhill from there with no point in which things got remotely better. It’s almost like the anime equivalent of Game of Thrones in terms of bad things relentlessly happening one right after another. But this downward slope of a roller coaster is nearly over, as the twenty third episode of Nobunaga the Fool is the second to last one.

For the past few episodes, this anime has insisted on showing viewers just how royally screwed the Star of the East is. If the purple skies and lack of color were not an obvious sign of this, the gigantic pile of dead and decomposing fish in the remnants of a river certainly is. When there is no hope of anything getting better, what choice does Nobunaga and the other characters have? Attack. They have to go all or nothing in one final offensive so that there will be even the slightest hope of defeating King Arthur. Unfortunately, this is yet another plan that completely falls apart.


As I had predicted in the previous episode, Himiko plays a very big role in the second to last episode. She offers to teleport everyone directly into King Arthur’s stronghold and save a lot of time in the process. Of course, with everything that has happened at this point, doing something like this would end up getting her killed in the process. Yet knowing this, Himiko is determined to do it anyway in order to help her husband, who does not feel the same way for her, or at least doesn’t possess the same intensity that she does. Of course, when Plan B goes about as south as it possibly can, Himiko is left with no option but to teleport everyone to King Arthur’s castle even though she was forbidden from doing so by Nobunaga. This action costs Himiko her life, and she dies in the arms of Nobunaga while becoming a solid contender for one of the most depressing scenes in this anime.

Much to my surprise, the perfecta are capable of fighting. It had been my assumption that they were empty vessels incapable of doing much of anything. However, they can apparently use Grand War Armors and do not take any damage from weapons. That said, they are quite useful for King Arthur since undying soldiers are the dream of all villains. That and incompetent protagonists like Jeanne who cause nothing but problems. Jeanne basically hands King Arthur the last thing he needs to manifest the Holy Grail by proclaiming him to be the Savior King. Of course she then gets shot by Cesare who seems to have the special talent of appearing and disappearing a few seconds later with no logical conclusion as to how and where he came from in the first place.


Mitsuhide has proven to be a valuable servant for King Arthur, as he seems completely dedicated to serving the brainwash king. If there is any prediction for the next episode, I imagine it would be that Mitsu is probably going to get killed. Heck, it seems like there is going to be a really big body count in the next episode. With any luck King Arthur will also be among that pile, but it seems unlikely given the track record of this anime at present.

So the remaining question is what will happen next. The preview didn’t exactly do a good job of showing what will happen beyond a few scenes that look like they are flashbacks to earlier parts. I honestly don’t see any way for the good guys to get out of this massive dilemma, especially since a lot of the bad guys are alive and kicking. King Arthur is about to manifest the Holy Grail and reshape the world to his liking. This isn’t exactly a situation that can be reversed without pulling a massive deus ex machina out of the hat. To be honest, I am expecting the series to end on an absolutely abysmal note. Only one way to find out though. See you next week!