Miyamoto Feels “Uneasiness” About Virtual Reality

In an article published by Time, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about his “uneasiness” with virtual reality, his thoughts about the gaming economy, and the state of the Wii U.

After a stellar performance by Nintendo during E3, Miyamoto wants Nintendo’s games, “to surprise people without those high specs using things like innovation and uniqueness to surprise within the gameplay.”


When talking about virtual reality, Miyamoto gave his thoughts to how virtual reality was hindering what video games are all about.

When you think about what virtual reality is, which is one person putting on some goggles and playing by themselves kind of over in a corner, or maybe they go into a separate room and they spend all their time alone playing in that virtual reality, that’s in direct contrast with what it is we’re trying to achieve with Wii U. And so I have a little bit of uneasiness with whether or not that’s the best way for people to play.


Miyamoto also wants the video game conversation to be about design, not power. He also speaks about how he designs games that doesn’t require much work, so that the game can be released in a timely manner to surprise and wow consumers/industry.

With what Miyamoto said, it goes with earlier news with Nintendo not supporting Twitch streaming as it “isn’t a lot of fun by itself.” Nintendo is focused on bringing a gaming community together, and it seems they are committed to that mission.