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Kickstarter Round-Up: June 2014

Things seem to be relatively quiet on the Kickstarter front this month. In the wake of some pretty high profile and highly successful Kickstarters last month, things seem to be a bit quieter this time around. For a while there it didn’t look like Amplitude was going to make it but even it managed to pull through with almost $100,000 more than they asked for.

Here’s the lowdown:


Sunset is a nifty-looking first-person exploration game in the style of Gone Home and Dear Esther. Set in the 1970s, you take on the role of the housekeeper of an enigmatic figure named Gabriel Ortega. Developer Tale of Tales are pretty keen on exploring some interesting narrative angles and it sounds like the game will include a very interesting moral dilemma when it comes to intruding on Gabriel’s privacy to learn more about him.

As of writing, Sunset is well on its way to hitting its goal of $25,000. You can find out more and support the game through its Kickstarter page.

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows

Old-school stealth-em-up, Path of Shadows, garnered its fair share of praise when it came out of nowhere last year. The first game was a small student endeavor but now the development team are looking to put together a more fully-fledged vision of the game. Developer Lince Works are looking to craft an experience that they describe as “a lost child between Tenchi and Portal 2” and it’ll be interesting to see how they build on the visual and level design of their original tech demo.

It certainly looks like a treat for stealth-fans and you can contribute to the team’s modest $70,000 goal through their Kickstarter page.


The tantalizingly-named BEARZERKERS is a small but creative and fun-looking multiplayer game. It sets players as either the titular angry bear or the critters the game tasks them with chasing down. It’s got a neat Viva Pinata inspired visual look to it and from the looks of it, there’s a lot of neat destructible elements to death level. The original prototype for the game, called Pandamonium, was birthed at a 48 hour game jam but since then the team has developed and tweaked the idea a fair bit.

BEARZERKERS has a pretty small goal of $8,000 and with 15 days to go, I fully expect to see some bear-y [Oh maaaan -ed] cool things from it in the future.