Flash Game of the Week: StealthBound

You have been captured by some evil organization and now must escape. StealthBound is a quirky little stealth game that has its very own charm; it doesn’t take itself too seriously and the gameplay is a lot of fun.

StealthBound is a 2D stealth game with puzzle mechanics. The gameplay centers around navigating your way to the exit without being spotted by either the guards or the security cameras. Along the way you can collect three stars that will improve your score on each level. There are different ways to get around enemies, but the two most common ways is to go underground or above, or attempt to knock out the enemy guards. There are also other options that include hiding behind plants and stealing an enemy guard’s uniform.

Overall the gameplay is quite fun and isn’t too difficult. The only part that can get tricky is when you have to avoid lasers as your timing has to be perfect. Each level feels different, and there isn’t too much repetition in the obstacles you have to face. Some of the puzzles are quite clever, for example, in one level you have to use a fishing rod to lift up a guard without being spotted by a security camera.

The best part about StealthBound is its quirkiness and easy humor with lots of little sight gags. For example, any time you stand still for an extend period of time your character will do something out of the blue that can include running on a treadmill to impersonating Elvis to juggling. There are also a bunch of different test tubes spread throughout the game that are filled with what look like the remnants from failed experiments. Each one looks different, and some of the designs are quite humorous. Also, you can slip on a banana or get stuck on gum and the animation for those scenes is laughably enjoyable. Finally, there is also something just hilarious about a guy showering with his gun.

The graphics and sound design are done well as they help to give a cartoony feel and are very nice for a flash game.

StealthBound is a well executed stealth game that will surely delight fans of the genre as well gamers looking for a quick fix. If you have a some time to kill give StealthBound a look.

Flash Game of the Week is a weekly series that highlights the best browser-based games you can find on the ‘net.