The Trailer Report – 6/13/14

Hello, all you movie watchers out there! Welcome to The Trailer Report, where we’ll break down all of the week’s biggest movie and TV trailers, and try our best to answer the ultimate question for all trailers: Does it look good?

This week we’ve got dance crews, cowboy detectives, box trolls, and a couple of really dumb guys.

Let’s get started:


Are You Here

Two childhood friends embark on a road trip to their hometown after one learns he has inherited a large sum of money from his recently deceased father.

Does it look good? Sort of. This is yet another of those comedian-led dramedies that comedy actors seem to love to do. I also can’t help but feel like Zach Galifianakis has been typecast as the socially inept, slightly insane, but loveable schlub that his friends can’t help be loyal to regardless of how much trouble he causes them. Still, Owen Wilson and Galifianakis both look to be turning in decent enough performances and have solid chemistry, and the theme of questioning whether a friendship is worth the trouble is a solid one (typecasting or not), so I’m willing to be optimistic here.


The Boxtrolls

A young orphan boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator.

Does it look good? Yeah. This looks really cute and fun, and I do love that Laika is doing their damnedest to keep stop motion animation alive and present in theaters. They’re doing a great job of it; their look is fascinating and quirky and can be quite gorgeous. I’ve also been a fan of the tone of their films (previously Coraline & ParaNorman) which have always walked a line between gothic and whimsical, something reminiscent of the early days of Tim Burton. I’m not at all sold on the actual content of this one; the premise seems a bit sillier than their previous, and the trolls themselves remind me a bit too much of the Despicable Me minions, but I’ll give Laika the benefit of the doubt until I see it.


Dumb And Dumber To

20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.

Does it look good? Oh man, does it ever. To clarify here, this does not look like a quality film, but then, neither is the original, which I love. Instead, this seems to be keeping the puerile, idiotic glee for dumb jokes that original had. While this doesn’t really make great movies, they can be incredibly fun. This one really does look like it’s picking right where the original left off in terms of their approach to the tone and humor. It may very well be a blatant cash in on a generations shared nostalgia from stupid puns, but for some reason I’m alright with that.



When a former sheriff’s wife is killed while riding on their ranch property, the ensuing investigation becomes embroiled in the politics of illegal immigration.

Does it look good? It does. I wasn’t sold in the early part of the trailer; it looked to be a drama about illegal immigration, and while I’m sure that could make an interesting film, it’s not my cup of tea. But when the film shifts their focus onto the murder investigation, that’s when I got on board. I’m of the opinion that social issues can be tackled in film’s well, but to do so requires subtlety, wrapping that social issue in events of a more dramatic nature, and that seems to be exactly what they’re doing here. Plus, Ed Harris doing this hard-ass cowboy detective thing here looks like a performance I’ll enjoy a lot.


Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

A variety of the town’s most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants.

Does it look good? Definitely. I loved the the first Sin City, with its heavily stylized comic book look, grim noir setting and characters, and ridiculous, grim, yet also cartoonish brutality. This looks like a whole lot more of the same, which is great. What surprised me in this trailer was just how cohesive they are making it feel. Where as the original was three separate tales with only tangential relations to one another, this one looks to be tying all of its stories to a larger arc, which is very interesting. And look at that cast; they’ve gotten an impressive array of talent, both new and returning, to fill out their city.


Step Up: All In

All-stars from the previous Step Up installments come together in glittering Las Vegas, battling for a victory that could define their dreams and their careers.

Does it look good? Nope. However (and I’m probably going to get some flack for this), I will watch this movie, and I will enjoy myself. You see, I’ve watched all the step up movies (this is the fifth in the series), and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I view them a lot like I do martial arts movies, or going to see a stage show. Sure, their may be some narrative and characterization thrown in, but it’s probably going to be bad; what you are going there to see is the performance of a skill. And that’s what these movies are: performance art. You go to watch the displays of prowess, the stagecraft, and the spectacle of the dance numbers. And as far as that goes, this series has gotten progressively better as it’s gone on. Sure, we’ll have to suffer through the same twenty minutes of love story subplot & dance crew main plot, but after that their will be some pretty cool dance numbers.


That’s it for this week. Let me know in the comments which of these you’re most excited about, and which ones you want no part of.

Until next week!