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Josh Trank to Direct a Star Wars Standalone

The 29 year old passionate filmmaker from California has been signed up to shoot one of the spin off movies in the Star Wars franchise. Lucasfilm was quick to announce last Wednesday that Josh Trank is one of the choices to make the series of standalone films as Godzilla helm Gareth Edwards will direct the other one.

Trank has already impressed critics and audiences with his work on 2007’s Spike TV drama, The Kill Point where he worked as editor, writer and director. It built on his already impressive directing talent, which gave him the chance to helm 2011’s Chronicle.

Chronicle grossed 125 million dollars worldwide; which surprised many as the premise of a group of teens with sudden unexpected superpowers, wreaking havoc in the town they live in, could have been a mess in the hands of a less talented director.

It really made Trank’s name stand out and with this news it clearly did, as a few weeks ago it was also announced that he had been given the Fantastic Four franchise to reboot, which he will give a grittier and more grounded tone.

Fantastic Four will probably shoot next, but I’m sure Star Wars won’t be far behind. Here’s what Trank had to say on directing a Star Wars standalone: “The magic of the Star Wars Universe defined my entire childhood. The opportunity to expand on that experience for future generations is the most incredible dream of all time.”

Boba Fett could get his own spin off

Boba Fett could get his own spin off

J.J Abram’s episode VII is, of course, next but what will Trank’s installment be like?

Possibly it will have a darker tone as his film Chronicle was about the darker sides of the group of teens’ bond to each other. Perhaps a bounty hunter spin off of Boba Fett, as it would require someone to keep a darker tone as Boba roams the underbelly of the Star Wars universe. Hunting for lowlifes in an overpopulated city similar to the videogame that was recently cancelled, called Star Wars 1313 about a bounty hunter in a dark and seedy city.

I suppose Gareth Edwards is also very good at carrying a grounded and dark tone as he has proven with his latest installment in the Godzilla franchise.

Some rumours suggest a Yoda spin off; it would perhaps be handled in a less gritty tone to a Boba Fett spin off, but I’m sure Gareth Edwards or Trank can adapt. Another possibility is that it will be a whole new adventure altogether with brand new characters and setting.

In the midst of all the rumours, one thing is for sure: it won’t be the last we hear of director announcements for the Star Wars world, as Disney CEO Bob Iger said last month that there would be “at least three spin off movies” all spread across the main Star Wars trilogy. Also a deal has been struck so that the spin off movies will shoot at Pinewood studios, England – the same studio that episode VII is due to shoot at.

All these film announcements, lucky for us, means Star Wars will be coming thick and fast in the coming years after George Lucas gave up the rights for his original creation. Hopefully his universe is in safe hands, unless Michael Bay signs up for one of the movies, which we highly doubt.

Let me know below what you think of Josh Trank helming one of the spin offs, and what kind of standalone would you like to see?

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