Here’s Some Bloodborne Gameplay Footage

Following Sony’s announcement of From Software’s and creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne during its E3 press conference, gampelay footage of the game has been leaked via YouTube.

The game was showed off only behind close doors for certain press members at E3, so outside of its CGI trailer and 16 second video that leaked a few weeks ago, this is the first time the public can witness what this game is all about. As was expected when we first heard of Bloodborne, and the personnel that will be developing it, I’m happy to report that it does retain the spirit of the Souls games. The only major difference however is that the combat looks more fluid and fast paced, a contrast with the more defensive and stagnant approach seen in past titles.

Both Sony and Miyazaki also revealed some story, and technical details, promising a Gothic aesthetic with an “extremely rich and detailed world.”