E3 2014 Must Buy: Far Cry 4

Man, it is good to be a gamer right now. This year’s E3 hit all the right notes for me, and while there are an absolute ton of games I can’t wait to check out (The Division, The Witcher 3, No Man’s Sky, Shadow of Mordor and Halo 5, just to name a few), one that stood out to me the most was Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4. My wallet will already be dying of malnutrition, but I don’t see how I can let this one pass me by on launch day.

Although I had played a couple of the Far Cry games beforehand, none of them really struck me as great until I played Far Cry 3 a couple of years ago. I’m a pretty spastic gamer, and a large percentage of the games I play go unfinished, but I couldn’t help but see Far Cry 3 all the way through til the end. It wasn’t necessarily the story that carried me through (as it usually is), but I was captivated by the world I was exploring, and more importantly, the game systems that it was intertwined with. I got a burst of excitement every time I found a new outpost to clear, or satellite tower to mess with. I enjoyed the upgrading aspects, and hunting down the island’s myriad dangerous creatures remained fun far longer than it probably should have. I even enjoyed the cooperative mode, albeit not as much as the main game.


All of this combined to move Far Cry up on my list of franchises to watch out for. I didn’t know what to expect, exactly, but what Ubisoft delivered at this E3 went far beyond my expectations. I was mesmerized every time that game popped up on-screen, and, despite all the awesome game announcements, I found myself thinking about Far Cry 4 more than any of them. I’m intrigued by the obviously unhinged antagonist (and hope he gets a more satisfying conclusion than Vaas did in Far Cry 3), but it was the world that drew me in the most

I think it was the trailer during the Sony conference that absolutely sold me. There is one sequence where the protagonist (who I hope is a bit more exciting than Far Cry 3’s James Franco…I mean Jason Brody) is driving down the road. He pulls up next to a truck, and hijacks the crap out of it, jumping between vehicles and shooting the occupants with his machine gun. As the truck then starts careening towards a cliff, the character leaps from the cab and activates a flightsuit, which he then uses to soar through a gorgeous canyon on his way towards the next objective.


Yeah, I’m sold.

With promises to enhance the story and multiplayer segments, really two of the only “weak” points in an otherwise stellar game (and neither of them were awful) and the obvious graphical enhancements, that would probably be enough for me. But then they had to add an aggressive elephant that can blow up cars to the mix, which just led to me throwing cash money at the television screen to no avail. I can’t stress enough how beautiful this game looks, and since I’m already a sucker for bright, tropical locations, mixed with explosives and killer crocodiles to be sure, it was an easy sell to me. Oh and did I mention the fact that if you own the game, your friends can play with you even if they don’t own a copy. That is crazy.

More than anything else though, the Far Cry 4 looks just downright fun, and that is why it is a must buy for me.