E3 2014 Must Buy: Bayonetta 2

The original Bayonetta was something of a random purchase when it came out back in 2010. I had some extra money at the time, and heard some buzz about how stylish the game was, so I bought it and quickly fell in love with its fast-paced gameplay, which blends quick reflexive controls with a heavy emphasis on combos and dodging your enemy’s attacks.

Not only was it fun, Bayonetta was a game with personality – you’ll remember the game for all of its pieces, from its outrageously over the top cutscenes to its wonderful upbeat soundtrack. It was the kind of game I definitely wanted a sequel for, even if I had no idea how Platinum Games would top the original game.

If I’ve come away from Nintendo’s E3 presentations, hosted by members of its secretive Treehouse branch, with anything, it’s this – Platinum Games has found a way to amplify the energy of Bayonetta and create a brand new animal. Bayonetta 2 is my Must Buy title from E3 2014, and here’s why.

For starters, when October comes around and you head out to the store to buy Bayonetta 2, keep this in mind. All non-digital copies of the game will also come with Bayonetta, upgraded for the Wii U, meaning it’ll be running at 60 frames per second with an updated touchscreen based control scheme for casual players.

Most importantly, Bayonetta will feature numerous Nintendo references in the way of costumes of characters like Princess Peach, Link, or Samus Aran. These will affect gameplay in different ways, and they just look incredibly entertaining. Seeing Bayonetta in her own, much more risque version of Peach’s iconic pink dress is surreal.

These outfits are incredibly surreal, and come Nintendo approved for use in the enchanced Bayonetta remake.

These outfits are incredibly surreal, and come Nintendo approved for use in the enchanced Bayonetta remake.

Now, onto the real reason I’ll be buying this game for sure – from everything I’ve seen of it, it looks to be a fantastic upgrade of the kind of action game I really enjoy. It’s fast and frenetic, and incredibly rewarding when you learn the intricacies of the combat.

Much of the original Bayonetta’s best moments took place in very fast sequences, designed to be as cinematic as possible while allowing the player to retain some degree of control in the action.

Bayonetta 2 promises more of these sequences, with varying situations that range from being attacked by one of the many destructive angels while on a moving train, or the intensely cinematic boss battle which takes place in the air against a canine demon named Gomorrah. These air battles are a new feature to Bayonetta 2, and they look fun without sacrificing any of the movement or action Bayonetta is known for.

This right here - this is a battle, and this is the kind of thing I look forward to with Bayonetta 2.

This right here – this is a battle, and this is the kind of thing I look forward to with Bayonetta 2.

Another reason I’m beyond excited for Bayonetta 2 is the promise that we’ll be exploring Inferno in this game, the Bayonetta version of hell – a realm incredibly important to the game’s universe, but only hinted at within the first game. If the rest of the world is any indication, Inferno is going to be an insane ride, and will lend itself to some amazing scenarios.

The combat is getting a bit more depth, as new weapons are making their debut, including a wonderful looking bow and arrow, as well as a gigantic scythe capable of turning into a high-powered rifle. These are the kind of weapons Bayonetta can wield with style, and I look forward to finding the best combination of weapons to use.

As I’ve said, Bayonetta is one of the finest action games I’ve played, and with no signs of the sequel slowing down or being toned down by Nintendo, it’s no doubt I’ll be buying Bayonetta 2 when it releases in October, and honestly, so should you.

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  1. smashbrolink

    Owned and loved the first one to death on the PS3, so I’m hyped that it’s going to come back with new costumes to play in right alongside the sequel.
    This, my friends, is the Devil May Cry equivalent for Nintendo’s system, and as a loyal fan of the series[and of Platinum in general; so damned many good games!], I’m absolutely ecstatic to see the sequel live on!

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