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E3 2014 Must Buy: The Sims 4

It has been 14 years since the release of The Sims, the revolutionary title which went on to become the best selling PC game of all time. Since then, dozens of spin-off’s, expansion packs, and direct sequels of the original game have spawned, spanning countless platforms.

With so much Sims in the last 14 years, it would be understandable to overlook this year’s iteration, The Sims 4. However, this would be a grievous mistake as I personally think this title is a must buy not only for simulation fans, but for PC owners as a whole.

If you have never played a Sims title before, aka you have been living in a cave since 2000, the premise behind the game is simple. You create a Sim, and you bring them through their lives. The concept is so simple that it is astoundingly complex, as the choices and responsibilities are endless. You can role play, create chaos, or focus on building. The games started as a technical marvel and have only progressed from there with the amount of features and freedom that it allows you, the player. The Sims 4 looks to only build on the solid foundations of the series and the improvements it plans to include look to make it the best Sims game yet.

The Sims 4  will be a major step forward for the main franchise, as for the first time the Sims behave like real people. They have emotions and personalities, and these will affect the way they conduct their daily lives. An angry sim will be much more temperamental with people, and their anger can be seen in their body language. However, like in real life, emotions can be channelled, and anger can become a driving factor behind a hard workout. The Sims now have a longer memory which means that actions that happened last night are still remembered and felt the next day. A sim could remain depressed for days if they had a devastating breakup with their significant other, and mere encounters with them could send them into a fit of crying.

The Sims 4 also brings the most in-depth customization modes to the table yet. Making your very own Sim or the house of their dreams is easier than ever. Body customization sliders have been enhanced with a simple click and drag technology, allowing you to literally mould the sims shape to your liking. This not only allows for deeper and more accurate customization, but would also allow you to make the Sim you want in record time.

Create the Sim of your dreams! Or your nightmares...

Create the Sim of your dreams! Or your nightmares…

Staying with the customization options in the game, another mode which has been enhanced is the build mode. Like the Create-A-Sim mode, the build mode has been made simpler, faster, yet more in-depth than ever. Maxis released a whole trailer on their new build mode features, detailing new additions such as plopping pre-decorated rooms, and dragging rooms to make them bigger. I actually wrote a piece on the Sims 4 build mode, so all of you architects in training can check it out right here.

The Sims 4 has also added a much more streamlined and accessible content creator into the game. Now you can access a whole library of user created content, such as houses and sims (who come with their own personalities) and download them into your file without ever having to leave the game. Adding in a user-generated catalogue which is so easy to access will make the possibilities of The Sims 4 endless.

I’m sure that me and many others around the world are eagerly awaiting September 2nd, the day that The Sims 4 launches for PC and Mac. The game looks great visually, and should also be a ton of fun to play! The new features should make this game great for newbies and veterans alike, and I am sure that I will not be the only one who spends a lot of time in the world of The Sims.  If The Sims 4 is also on your Must-Buy list, it is now available for pre-order and can be done so here.