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Aonuma Reveals New Zelda Wii U Details

Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma, in a new interview with IGN, revealed new details regarding the upcoming Zelda title for Wii U. Aonuma stressed that who we saw in the new trailer was indeed Link.

“One thing I have to say is, I never said that wasn’t Link,” Aonuma explained. “I said ‘No one ever said that was Link.’ Every game needs to have a protagonist. You have to have a main character, so we create one that is ultimately supposed to become the player. With each iteration of Zelda, we make this main character and it’s not as though this protagonist is not the same character all the time. It’s just a role within the game that the player occupies.”

“That’s something that I tell my designers when they create the character,” Aonuma continued. “Certainly, as part of a series, maybe people will think it’s the same main character but, ultimately, it’s the player character. It’s the person with the controller in their hands, if that makes sense. This kind of information can just exponentially grow, so I just wanted to make that clear.”

With the identity of the main protagonist being one of the most discussed topics of E3 so far, Aonuma was asked whether or not he’s open to having Zelda as the main character in the future, in which he responded saying, “I’m interested in seeing something like that, but I think one of the charm points of this particular franchise is that fact that it’s called ‘Legend of Zelda’ but Zelda is not the main character. She’s not the protagonist. But if you ask me what that is, I don’t know. I can’t really explain it. Maybe if she’s the main character, then maybe the title needs to change.”

And as for the trailer that was shown for the game? Aonuma wrote on Miiverse this week claiming that was all gameplay footage and not CGI. “Many people from the media kept asking me if the footage from the new Zelda game for Wii U is just a promotional movie, but that really is actual gameplay on Wii U,” Aonuma said. He also was serious about the game’s scope saying, “I wasn’t kidding about how you will be able to reach the mountains that appear in the distance if you should choose to!”

So far, Zelda Wii U is slated for release in 2015.

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